Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pammie's Big day @ Chef and Brew

we celebrated pam's birthday at Chef and Brew's at Plaza Damansara in Damansara Heights. Love the ambiance and the environment there, very laidback and relaxing. the restaurant has a 'fine dining' concept. Food arent to expensive either. quite reasonable :) oh! and they serve breakfast all day, n they are amazing :D Grilled chicken chop Spaghetti olio i think.. cant remember =/ sandwich all day breakfast meal! chocolate cake from the cafe itself topped with strawberry syrup. the cake was really good :D OUR Birthday Girl!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Philippines and a wedding (part 3)

so, here are the pics of the wedding day!

Reception at the Hotel Garden and also the traditional tea ceremony :)

More pictures in myfacebook ya! :D

Philippines and a wedding (part 2)

so, after the beach.. we head to Nueva Vizcaya the next day.. which is about 6-7 hours drive uphill then slightly downhill.

Here's a piture of the awesome view on the way there.. so many paddy fields and hills.
beautiful scenary :)

this is how it looks like in the village.. the weather is kinda chilly, like cameron highlands but not as cold.

After our late lunch at the house, we head back to check into our hotel nearby(Highlander Hotel and Resort)

nice hotel eh? :)
we had some drinks at the bar/club/lounge, alcohol is so cheap thr!
i had 2 tequila shots (RM2.50 each) a bottle of San Miguel is also about RM2.50+
make ur choice! lol

so, the next day was the wedding! went for make up n hairdo. i wished they let my hair down tough =/ but it was ok. :)

Check out part 3. hehe

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Philippines and a wedding (part 1)

Went to Philippines a week after Chinese New year for my brother's wedding!
was so excite yet nervous cos i dont know what to expect when im there and everything is already planned for us by my brother who's already there.

so, the trip was me, my parents, elder brother+gf, my 2 aunties n my 2nd brother n his wife :)

we did a lot of travelling for the whole week.

we reach Clark Airport around 1030am then we check in into Clarkton Hotel which is nearby the airport. Its a very nice hotel but food r quite pricey if u eat in.

thiss is the hotel view from the restaurant

Mango smoothie which cost around rm15 =/
but it was nice :D

Tricycle. its like their public transport

These are Jeepneys. its like their public transport also. pls be xtra careful when ur on it.
my bro got pick pocket-ed n lost quite a lot of cash =/

At the international hot air balloon festival :D

One of the private beaches in Subic (about 1 hour traveling from Clark)

nice place to chill.. its sunny but the wind is chilly.. not like malaysia's beach lol

will update again soon. internet is slow at my hometown =/

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


sorry guys, ive been eating at alot of different places lately.. and gaining some xtra pounds..
but before dat, this is my next new place dat im trying out which is DECANTER, located near my college at Damansara Heights ;)

food is not bad, the assam laksa and lasagnia is goooooddddd. :D
not considered cheap but not too expensive though. price range around 12-25 for a meal? ;)

the environment at Decanter (han slightly tilted =.=)

random decor on our table :D

lasagniaa!! it was very cheezzzyyy. definitely recommended :)

Beef pie ;)

cant remember what the name of this one.. but its kinda like fried rice, but the taste is equally good though. :D

i should try to remember/write down the names of the food next time. *bad memory*

here's more info if you'd like to pay a visit at Decanter!

Saturday, 3 December 2011


Crumbs is located at Bangsar area near Pizza Hut.
We decided to give it a try out of a friend's recommendation since we're quite sick of what we eat everyday around college. :P
their dessert is awesome! not much choices for food but what we ordered was delicious! :D

Crumbs is a small tiny shop.. so u better be alert when ur looking for it ;)

Christmas spirit at the restaurant :D

I think the is one of the latte. try it out!

Pumpkin soup with breadcrumbs.. not a fan of pumpkin, but my friend loved it!

i think this is the christmas special dish that they have atm. it comes in chicken and beef i think.

this is peperoni with bread. toasted.

i like the presentation f the food. very unique ;)

dessert was the best part of all! this is chocolate brownie topped with ice cream and salted caramel.

if, you're there, this is a must try thing ok?! hehe

more info on crumbs, visit their facebook page here ;)

Monday, 14 November 2011

Running for Terry Fox!

Went for a 5km run for the Terry Fox foundation on 13th Nov 2011.
The run is free! no need to register, just go there n run. haha

there is a 3.6km route for family run.
flag off was later than we expected.. supposed to be at 9am.. but started at around 9.25am
and the flag off was quite weird.. cos some people are on the field, some are already on the road.. abit chaotic.

there were so many people!! we could bare run/jog/briskwalk. i think i walk faster in the mall.. =.=

oh, did i mention i saw JJ from Hitz.fm?! haha, i saw him and his family there as well. din manage to take a pic with him though.. :(

after the family run oni we managed to start running the last 1.2km
its quite fun if its a family outing, or u wanna workout a little for that xtra weight. hehehe

here are some pics!
photo credits to JUE cos i nvr bring my camera :P

me and pam! ilook so fair here.. huahahahaha

3 of us at the Terry FOx run!

me and Jue.. and my eyebags... :(